Coaxial cable components & joints

ETA2045 BNC to double insertion lead

High quality RG58/50Ω silicone cable, impedance matching all signal sources, oscilloscope input and output impedance, reducing transmission loss. Pure copper BNC high frequency plug, reliable contact, special molded red and black bifurcation line, soft and durable, not easy to break, connect red and black 4mm standard banana plug, suitable for measuring on-site signal measurement.

- Maximum rated input: 1000V/3A

- 4mm lantern banana plug

- High quality soft silicone coaxial cable

- 50Ω impedance matching all sources / oscilloscope

Product nameBNCTurn double plug
Withstand voltage / current1000V / 3A Max
Coaxial typeRG58 / 50Ω
Coaxial outer diameter5mm
Inner core diameter0.5mm
Wire materialSilica gel
Working environment0-40℃

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