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ETA3406 Insulated piercing clip

In some cases, it is convenient to use this tool when the measured point cannot be found and the outer skin of the wire must be broken to test the signal. ETA3406 full insulated fast piercing test clip can penetrate 1.5 to 4 mm insulated wire. The unique V-groove design ensures that the position of the measuring needle is kept in the middle of the cable. The 4 mm socket at the tail can be used together with the test lead of the multimeter or oscilloscope. It is simple, safe and high. Effectiveness. The method of use is to insert 4mm test cable into the end of the piercing needle, put the test cable into the V-shaped slot, release the button, a very fine probe in the test tool can pierce the cable sheath and contact the inner conductor directly, so that the signal inside the cable can be detected quickly and nondestructively. After testing, release the button, remove the wire, the needle hole left by the cable sheath is easy to seal, and the high-quality insulating layer can realize self-healing of insulation.

- No need to break the line,nondestructive measurement

- 4mm socket connection

- Insulated wires with diameters of 0.25 to 1.5 mm through

- Non-destructive cable testing for automotive circuit testing, power and industry

- Unique V-groove design ensures that the needle is located in the middle of the cable, which is very efficient.

Product Name
Full insulated piercing clip
Safety grade1000V CAT Ⅲ
Current10A Max
Suitable wire   range0.25mm~1.5mm
Jack connection   size4mm
Back connection   compatibilityBanana plug、telescopic banana plug sheath banana plug
Clip   materialSteel
Insulator   MaterialPA

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