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ETA3204 magnetic transfer bar

ETA3204 is a set of connectors with banana plugs, which can bend arbitrarily in the middle and have strong magnetic field at the side end. Magnetic transfer bar can be used for power maintenance, automobile repair, hands release, recommended for 4 mm rubber plug test lead, can be matched with ETA4164W, ETA4394S or ETA4164 test lead.

- High magnetic connector

- The probe safety jack 4mm test lead is used together, such as for the interface of digital multimeter.

- Arbitrarily bendable

Product Name
Magnetic transfer   bar
Rated   voltage1000V CAT Ⅲ/ 600V CAT Ⅳ
Rated   current10A 
Input hole   size4mm
Needle metal   materialStainless   steel
Insulating   materialBanana plug、telescopic banana plug sheath banana plug
Clip   materialPA
ColorRed ,black

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